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Welcome Letter from Supervisor  

Welcome to Learning Options High School! Our school is an alternative education program within Lake Orion Community Schools that is designed to support students who have individual needs not being met in the traditional setting. Our goal is to help students successfully progress toward timely graduation by creating an optimal learning environment, implementing effective, research-based instruction, and building positive relationships. We also believe in educating the whole student—academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. We focus on helping each student create individual goals and plans to be successful in post-secondary paths including college, apprenticeships, military service, or immediate career.

Approximately 100 students attend Learning Options High School each year. Our dedicated staff includes six highly qualified teachers, two learning support staff members, a social worker, a paraprofessional, a secretary, and a supervisor. Together, we believe that successful students actively engage in academics, have exceptional attendance, and exhibit appropriate, responsible behaviors. Therefore, all students and staff at Learning Options High School participate in the Successful Student Mentor Program where we develop these skills while developing positive, nurturing and supportive relationships.

Students at Learning Options High School meet all of the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum and earn a diploma from Lake Orion Community Schools. Our students are also able to participate in elective courses offered at the Oakland Technical Campus and Lake Orion High School. All extracurricular activities and events at LOHS including sports, clubs, and the fine arts are also available for Learning Options students who wish to participate.

We are proud that our district, through this program, can provide students an environment where they realize their unlimited potential. Learning Options High School is a well-established and proven program for students who would benefit from a more individualized learning opportunity.



Kristin Sliwinski

Learning Options Supervisor