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Student-Athlete Registration

Lake Orion Community Schools students who elect to plays sports must register through the new online Final Forms process.

Student-Athlete Registration

MHSAA Physical Form

The MHSAA requires that all students who participate in athletics to complete a physical exam, certified by a doctor. Below is the state's standard form which must be submitted and placed on file with the school.

MHSAA Physical Form

Middle School Pay to Participate

Lake Orion Community Schools requires students to pay for participating in athletics. The fees for the 2019-20 school year are: 

  • $260 per middle school athlete for the school year
  • $745 maximum fee per family for the school year
  • Reduced fees for students who qualify

Please fill out the form and payment below.

Pay to Participate Form

Payment through PaySchools

Oakview Middle School Payschools

Scripps Middle School Payschools

Waldon Middle School Payschools

Concussion Awareness, Acknowledgment and Video

The health and safety of LOCS students is the paramount priority of the athletic department. It is important for students and parents to understand the impact of concussions. Please read and complete the statement below for understanding of the potential health impact of athletics.

Concussion Awareness and Acknowledgment

CDC Concussion Video