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The ASD programs at Pine Tree Center provide a collaborative educational environment for all students. Our first, and foremost, goal for students is to work on functional communication for every student. This includes all types of Augmentative and Alternative communication systems (PECS). Staff also focuses on providing consistent routines and structures for all students, as well as positive behavior supports.

The ASD programs provide core academic instruction that is determined by the state's extended standards (Essential Elements) and the students' IEP. Students receive instruction using a variety of modalities, including hands on learning and the use of technology. Academic instruction is differentiated on an individual basis and includes exposure to vocabulary in each content area. Sensory activities and functional life skills are integrated into the classroom daily. Students work on hygiene, home care, cooking and social interactions. While students are in the ASD program, they may receive specialized services as necessary for their education. These include speech and language, social work services, occupational; therapy and physical therapy. The ASD programs encompass the skills and services that are needed to provide the best educational experience for each student.