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Family School Coordinators

Family School coordinators


The mission of the Family School Coordinator program is to support the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students to promote educational success.

Family School Coordinators believe…

  • Students deserve a safe and nurturing learning environment. 
  • Students achieve greater success when their social, emotional, and behavioral needs are met. 
  • Students’ emotional well being is the shared responsibility of students, parents, staff members, and the community. 
  • Students with developmentally appropriate social skills perform better in all settings.
  • Students become productive learners when they demonstrate personal responsibility, make positive life choices, and develop effective coping skills.

What do Family School Coordinators do?

The FSCs proactively assist students who are having social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties which impact their learning. The FSCs provide a link between home, school, and community.

The FSCs provide:

  • Student Support through individual or small group sessions.
  • Classroom Support through observations, consultations, and presentations on pertinent topics.
  • Parent Support through referrals to community agencies based on specific needs.
  • Student Support Team Assistance acting as a vital member of this multidisciplinary team to further promote student success.
  • Crisis Intervention through individual student support, in-class intervention, and consultation with parents, teachers, or staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do FSCs work?

A: Lake Orion Community Schools' Family School Coordinators work in our elementary schools on a set schedule each week.  Please see the listing on the right.

Q: Who can receive FSC services?
A: Typically, the FSC works with students who are having difficulties that are impacting their learning. Students are usually referred by teachers, staff, or parents. They can also refer themselves.

Q: Is permission needed?
A: Yes, a parent or legal guardian must sign a permission slip in order for a child to meet with the FSC on a regular basis.

Q: When do FSCs see students?
A: During the school day. Once the permission slip is signed and returned, the FSC will collaborate with the teacher to find a good time. The frequency and duration will be based on need.

Q: What is the best way to contact the FSC?
A: By phone or email. These are listed on the school web page.

Q: Do services continue every year?
A: No. Services are not automatically continued the next year, but can resume if needed. A new permission slip is required each school year.

LOCS Family School Coordinators

Elizabeth Forystek, Blanche Sims, Ext. 2407

Karen Greening, Carpenter, Ext. 3514

Kara Hill, Orion Oaks, Ext. 4029

Andrea Herron, Webber, Ext. 2197

Maggie Rohweder, Stadium Drive, Ext. 2705

Laura Vanlandeghem, Paint Creek, Ext. 8009


Christine Mathes – Scripps Middle School (Behaviorist)

Monica Robinson- Oakview Middle School (Behaviorist)


There are resources in the community to help families who may be struggling. Many offer  assistance with food, utilities, medical care, dental care, automobiles and many more things. Please contact the designated Family School Coordinator listed below for more information.

Resources for Parents

Dial 2-1-1 to find employment/job training, shelter, food pantries, rent assistance, legal aid, medical services, care for seniors and more.