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Mindfulness for elementary students (May 8, 2020)



Previous Mindfulness Sessions

Why Mindfulness?

As we all try to navigate these new days as parents, we are encountering unique challenges. Our routines are altered, our plans adapted and our children a bit unsettled.

Our district understands the adversity students and parents are facing and we would like to support parents however we can.

One of the most effective paths is through a program called mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness is to assist in self-regulating our emotional state through maintaining a present moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, physical state, and surrounding environment with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance.


The LOCS plan

LOCS’ Mindfulness Instructor, Stephanie Harris, will be providing a community resource during the school closure period with video sessions for our parents and students.

The first video debuted on March 25, 2020 at and on the LOCS YouTube channel ( This debut edition was geared toward parents as part of the district’s Parent University program.

Though it is intended as a resource to help our LOCS parents, the strategies can support all adults in our community and beyond. Feel free to share with your family members and friends elsewhere to help them adapt to these circumstances.

We invite all parents and community members to embrace the session and hope it helps relieve some stress in these unusual times.

Mindfulness video schedule

Monday -- Middle and High School (Daytime)

Wednesday -- Parents/Adults (Evening)

Friday -- Elementary School (Daytime)