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Parent Concern Chain of Communication

Our goal is to provide our parents, guardians and community members with great service.

We have created a Lake Orion Community Schools Chain of Communication to address concerns related to a specific area.

By following the steps outlined in the chart, the most appropriate individual will be able to address the concern or help find the answer. It is best for parents, guardians and community members to begin with the teacher, coach or program leader to see if the issue can be resolved at that level.

If that individual is unable to address the concern, then the parent, guardian or community member may direct their concern to the next level.

The district understands and appreciates the interest of parents and guardians in their student’s school experience and the desire to find out more information on a particular topic.

LOCS asks that parents follow the district chain of communication to achieve the best results. 

Parent Concern chain of communication

Parent Concern chain of communication

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