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Dragon Virtual Middle School/High School Second Semester Registration Information 

  • January 4 
    • 8 p.m. -- Middle School/High School Dragon Virtual re-registration opened
  • January 8
    • 4 p.m. -- Middle School/High School Dragon Virtual re-registration closed

Schedule Notes

  • The schedule requires most students to engage in all subjects, daily.
  • Middle School students will be scheduled for six classes each semester.
  • Dragon Virtual students may be required to meet in live sessions on occasion.
  • Office hours will be made available to students on a need basis.


  • Dragon Virtual students at the middle level will have daily meetings with a team of core teachers that follows the in-person schedule. Lessons will also be recorded so that students can set their own schedule if they wish. For electives, Dragon Virtual students will take courses through Edgenuity while being supported by LOCS teachers.
  • The electives options through Edgenuity are different than the courses offered in the LOCS course handbook but do center around the same core ideas and concepts as our current options.
  • Students will be registered to their neighborhood schools and to their current team of teachers whenever possible. In the event that enrollment does not allow for this, students will be assigned to teachers from the opposite team or a different middle school.
  • Students who enroll in Dragon Virtual will be required to complete the current semester (November 9-January 22).
  • Dragon Virtual students will follow the same academic curriculum guides as our in-person learning classrooms; therefore, students who elect to return to in-person instruction will have a smooth transition.​
  • Dragon Virtual students may be asked to complete formal assessments in-person or proctored online.