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Special services

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Health plans/Special Education

  • All students with health plans and 504s will be reviewed. If adjustments or accommodations are necessary, the family will be contacted.  
  • All students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) will be reviewed by the IEP teams and adjusted based on the individualized needs of the students. Parents should contact their IEP teams before making any decisions if choosing the virtual option for their child. All IEPs will be reviewed and convened at the beginning of the school year to determine if adjustments are needed and if the student qualifies for recovery services due to the 2019-20 COVID-19 school closure.
  • IEP meetings may continue to be held virtually unless the family requests an in-person meeting. An in-person meeting would require all involved to be following the district protocols of masks and social distancing, if possible.  
  • The content delivery will be determined once the in-person and Dragon Virtual registrations are defined.
  • LOCS staff members working with students who require hands-on or close proximity interaction will wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves, masks and face shields as necessary.
  • Students and staff members will be required to wear a mask unless:
  • a medical professional submits documentation that it is a health risk for the student.
  • a student is unable to take the mask off and on due to their disability.
  • Staff will collaborate with parents to practice and teach the students how to wear, take off and on, and comply with district protocols in regards to wearing a mask or similar protective gear.
  • In-person evaluations that were required/necessary during the school closure will be conducted early in the school year.  Evaluation team members will determine if it is necessary to proceed in-person to complete the evaluations.

English Learner

  • EL staff will provide EL screening of English proficiency and services as outlined in the Lake Orion Community Schools English Learner Department Handbook. Students attending in-person will receive pull-out and/or push-in support from the building EL teacher.  Students attending Dragon Virtual will receive pull-out support individually or in small groups virtually.


  • Social-emotional support will be available to students at all levels provided by LOCS staff.​
  • Academic intervention support will be provided for students who qualify for support by a LOCS interventionist.​