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High School

  • All Lake Orion High School and Learning Options High School students will be provided a district-issued laptop for the 2020-21 school year.
  • Students who are in the in-person program and Dragon Virtual will receive the devices to use for their classes.
  • The device distribution information will be shared by the LOCS Technology Department in the near future.

HS students

Middle School/Elementary School

student at computer


  • Elementary classes and Pine Tree Center will use the laptops contained in the carts.
  • Students attending the in-person middle school program will use the school desktop computers in the labs, as well as the laptops stored in the traveling carts and classroom carts.
  • All laptops and desktop keyboards will be cleaned between users.


Dragon Virtual

  • Families can request one device per student for students who choose the virtual option.
  • LOCS Technology Support will be available.

Family Purchase