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GAP program

Students in front of GAP board

The Middle School Guided Activities Program (a.k.a GAP) gives students something to look forward to after their long day at school.  Students will have a lot of fun with their friends who share their common interests.

These activities take place at various times throughout the school year.  School announcements, the GAP bulletin board and the website will feature activity start dates and permission slips.

As the current school funding continues to be a challenge, the district must focus their resources in the classrooms. However, due to our strong belief in the value of afterschool activities, we need to continue provide opportunities with an alternative funding source to sustain the program.  Those changes are listed below.

  • Rather than a flat for all clubs each club will have an individual fee to cover the cost of the supervisor as well as a supply fee, if needed.
  • There will be a minimum number of students required in order for the club to run.  Parents and/or students will be notified through email prior to the club start day if the club minimum has been met.
  • ALL clubs will have a fee even if they are academic or service club.
  • Permission slips are to be given to the Coordinator by the due date listed on the permission slip. 

GAP Medical Waiver

GAP Activities