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Technology Showcase Projects

Technology Showcase

Second Hour

  • 3D Printer--Claire
  • Synthetic vs Natural Materials--Mattea M, Caroline E, Sofia G--Project Link
  • 5 Themes of Geography Sway--Naveyah L, Addison O--Project Link
  • Curating a Research Topic--Kyra A--Destiny Collections
  • Curating a Research Topic--Madeline E--Destiny Collections
  • Digital Citizenship Minecraft--Maxine S--Minecraft World
  • Duct Tape--Bela D, Giselle P
  • Electronic Breakouts--Farah K, Megyn F--Destiny Collections
  • Hour of Code--Camden G
  • Nutrition and Wellness Drug Research--Megan M--Project Link
  • Companion Book Project--Madeline N--GoSynth
  • Robotics--Kristin C
  • Rube Goldberg Machine--Manav K, Vandita S
  • VR--Riley
  • Applied Tech--Elizabeth A, Sean W, Jacob S, Noah E, Maxwell H, Jacob M, Carson W, Shawn P, Gabe W, Clayton M, Ethan A, Wesley A, Zorah R
  • Theater Greenscreen Puppet Shows--Madison B, Kylie K, Madi W, Maddie S--Project 1, Project 2
  • Minecraft Short Story Scene--Ayesha R--Project Link

Third Hour

Fourth Hour