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Developmental Kindergarten


The Lake Orion Community Schools’ early childhood programs are committed to an understanding that parents, teachers, and administrators are a team that believes all children can learn. This team works collaboratively in order to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Understanding the diverse backgrounds of our students, we provide meaningful and challenging experiences that build upon children’s prior knowledge.

All children develop and mature at different rates. Developmental Kindergarten is intended to give children who need additional time to mature and physically and emotionally develop an opportunity to do so in a safe and secure environment. Our integrated program for teacher-directed and child-initiated learning allows children many opportunities to manipulate materials, explore and discover ideas, interact with others, and develop at their own unique rate. This program fosters the development of a positive self-image and enhances children’s growth toward their individual potential.

Developmental Kindergarten will provide learning experiences and opportunities for children similar to the kindergarten classroom, using a modified kindergarten curriculum, but taught at a pace and intensity dependent on individual readiness. We strive to help children become risk takers, problem solvers, and decision makers. Our ultimate goal is for children to gain an understanding of the world around them and become committed, caring, responsible, lifelong learners. Developmental Kindergarten is a child-based program that gives the student the gift of time to be better prepared for educational successes.


Developmental Kindergarten offers an adjusted kindergarten curriculum and activities.

Emphasis is placed on the following curricular areas:

• Language and literacy

• Math

• Science

• Social studies

• Technology and computers

• Social experiences

• Physical skills

• Visual arts

• Dramatic play

Due to the fact that children grow and mature at different rates, grade placement following Developmental Kindergarten may vary from student to student. Students who successfully complete Developmental Kindergarten are typically placed in Kindergarten. However, first grade may be an option the following year. This would be a collaborative decision by the parent, teacher and building principal.


The Developmental Kindergarten program is taught by a certified teacher with an early childhood endorsement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Special Education services are available to children in Developmental Kindergarten?
    • All Special Education services, in accordance with the student’s IEP, will be made available. 
  • Is Developmental Kindergarten a tuition based program?
    • No, Developmental Kindergarten is a K-12 state funded program. It is considered to be a kindergarten program.
  • Can my child attend Developmental Kindergarten even if I live out of the district of Lake Orion?
    • Yes, but resident students have priority.
  • Does Lake Orion Community Schools provide transportation to Developmental Kindergarten?
    • No, parents must provide daily transportation unless the Developmental Kindergarten program is at the student's neighborhood school.
  • Where will my child go to school following their year in Developmental Kindergarten?
    • Graduates of the Developmental Kindergarten program will attend kindergarten in their home elementary school.
  • Is childcare available before and after school?
    • Lake Orion Community Schools offers before and after school child care programs through our Early Childhood Department. Programs are available in every elementary building. For registration, call 248-693-5430. Early registration is advised, as child care programs fill quickly.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions or wish further information, please contact Kerri Anderson (, Director of Curriculum.