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In kindergarten, students build a foundation for social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Children develop an understanding of letter and sound identification and concepts of print. With assistance, they begin to read and write simple stories and understand the difference between pictures and print. They attend to stories and join in songs and rhymes while beginning to communicate their ideas clearly.

In mathematics, kindergartners use a hands-on approach to explore various ways to count, sort and pattern. Geometry and measurement are explored along with an introduction of simple addition and subtraction with an emphasis on number sense. Children represent whole numbers by writing and recognizing numbers to 20.

Kindergarten students are introduced to many science and social studies topics. Science curriculum is designed to lay a foundation by introducing the basic scientific processes: observing, comparing, classifying, measuring, and communicating. Social studies curriculum is designed to help children gain an increased awareness of themselves and the world around them.

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