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Second Grade

Social Studies focuses on local community and communities around the world. Students learn how to compare urban, rural, and suburban communities by investigating their own local community. Students also explore the history of Lake Orion, and learn how to tell the story chronologically through the use of a time line. Government, economy, and physical makeup of communities are also explored. 

In science, second graders discover how animals use their characteristics to survive in their unique habitats, and how animals pass on common characteristics to their offspring. Matter, sound, and senses are the predominant physical science concepts taught this year. Earth science covers major features of Earth, water, weather, and seasonal changes in Michigan.

The second grade English Language Arts program challenges students to continually develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students demonstrate their ability to recognize and understand words. The children use various strategies to increase their understanding of texts. They grow in their ability to write appropriately for different purposes and to express their own style or individuality when writing. They gain a true appreciation for various genres of literature.

Second grade math begins with basic counting and ends up with multiplication and three-digit math computation. In between, second graders learn to tell time, count money, make and interpret graphs, explore geometric properties, discover various measuring tools, write and understand fractions, become expert problem solvers, investigate calculators, learn how to compare numbers in many different ways.

Second grade is a full year, but a very fun year!

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