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Third Grade

Love of learning is the hallmark of third grade, a year of incredible growth!

The third grade English Language Arts program challenges students to continually develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students demonstrate their ability to recognize and understand words. The children use various strategies to increase their understanding of texts. They grow in their ability to write appropriately for different purposes and to express their own style or individuality when writing. They gain a true appreciation for various genres of literature.

Third grade mathematicians utilize manipulatives to explore numbers and model problem solving situations. They learn simple algebraic concepts, know and use common units of measurement, and demonstrate an understanding of time and money. Third graders also explore data and probability; read and interpret a variety of graphs; and explore geometric concepts.

In social studies, third grade students study early periods of Michigan history from exploration to statehood. They will develop an understanding of the purpose of the state constitution and the structure of our government. They also learn about our state's natural resources, economic activities and the geography of Michigan.

In science, students actively study the world around them, developing critical thinking skills through investigations and other exciting hands-on activities.

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