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High School

Scripps Middle School

Lake Orion Community Schools offers summer academic opportunities for high school students.

Credit Recovery is for students who may be behind in credits or not on track to graduate on time or would like to improve their grade. This is a self-directed web-based program, with each student having a LOCS teacher mentor. The flexibility of being web-based means they can complete the program anywhere there is web access. They only need to come to the school for the tests and final exam.

Credit Forward is for students who would like to earn additional credit during the summer, offers courses through the same web-based, self-directed program as Credit Recovery. Students can move at the pace appropriate for their learning which is monitored by an LOCS teacher mentor.

Fourth Term (free classes) Information for Credit Forward

For students that had Part B classes in their schedule for 4th term, summer school is offered free of charge. 

Summer school information and the courses available free of charge for this 4th term can be found in this letter

Students will be given the option to take the letter grade earned in the class which will be calculated in the student’s GPA or Pass/Fail which is recorded as credit/no credit and not calculated into the GPA. 

LOHS will indicate on the transcript that the classes with Pass/Fail was due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Students must complete the full class for Pass/Fail and have a minimum of 60% in the class for the Pass/Fail option.