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LOCS High School Online Credit Forward/Credit Recovery Enrollment Form

Credit Forward courses are for students who would like to earn additional credit during the summer. More information about the Credit Forward program.

Credit Recovery courses are for students who did not pass a course the first time or who are behind in credits and are not on track to graduate on time. More information about the Credit Recovery program.

There will be one session: June 20-August 15, 2022. Registration will be closed at 8 a.m. on June 17.

Students can take a maximum of two classes. Available courses are included in the drop-down enrollment menu selection.
For the session
Credit Forward (Cost)

*Credit Recovery (Free for LOHS students)

Lake Orion High School Students who need to recover credits due to not passing a class for the 2021-2022 school year are eligible to take up to 1 credit in credit recovery for no cost. There will be a mentor teacher monitoring progress and meeting with students on Teams as needed. 

Enrollment Questions?
Contact: Michelle Cureton by e-mail at

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Cost is $300 per course/class per summer session, but all credit recovery classes for LOHS students are FREE. 
If your family needs financial assistance, please contact Michelle Cureton at
Please pay online for in-district students. If you do not have a PaySchools Central account, you must set one up to submit payment.
Out of district students, please contact LOCS Budget Coordinator Julie Tyson at 248-693-5330 to pay by credit card.

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Online Waiver Agreement

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I have read, understand and acknowledge all the expectations and the policy set forth in this document.  I agree to abide by the guidelines as stated.

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Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment and Understanding:

  • I have read and understand the student policy and stated expectations for my child and agree to support the Online Learning Program Student Contract.
  • I understand that participation in my child’s education will help determine his/her likelihood of success inthe program. Therefore, I will monitor and support my student in his/her studies.
  • I agree to be accessible and readily available to the mentor or online teacher to discuss my child’s progress and development.
  • I understand time management and attendance is vital to my student’s success.
  • I understand that failure to follow these policies may result in dismissal from the program.
  • I agree to release Lake Orion Community Schools from providing my student with Internet connectivity in our home.
  • I will provide daily access to a computer with Internet connectivity to my student, which is needed to complete the courses assigned. 
  • My student has read, understands and acknowledges all the expectations and the policies set forth in this document and thereby agrees to abide by the guidelines as stated.
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format