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Credit Recovery Program Information

Credit Recovery is for students who may be behind in credits, not on track to graduate on time, or would like to improve their grade on a course that was already taken.  


Edgenuity draws upon decades of pedagogical and instructional research and insights from industry experts and educators to deliver effective and engaging instructional content that empowers each student to take an active role in their learning.

The curriculum is grounded in research and based on the rigor and high expectations of current state standards. Courses are created by teams of experienced educators and instructional designers with expertise in curriculum development, instructional technology, and content-area education.

Courses: Feature rigorous, explicit instruction led by expert on-screen teachers.  A wide range of tasks, including independent reading, practice, guided online exploration, projects, and performance tasks help reinforce understanding.  Formative, summative, and authentic assessments measure student mastery of the learning objectives.

Self‐Directed: Students move at the pace appropriate for their learning, repeating difficult lessons as needed and skipping those that are not needed based on prescriptive testing. 

LOHS Teacher Mentor: The Mentor teacher will provide academic support during specified days and times (to be communicated to students on the first day of class).

Flexibility: Students can complete the program anywhere there is access to the internet so students can work on their course off‐site at any time.

Diagnostic Driven: Students begin each unit of their courses by taking a prescriptive assessment. This determines what knowledge the student already has and automatically directs the student to the section of the course they still need to master.



• Upon starting their course, students will be given an expected date of course completion. Student progress will be monitored throughout the course. If student progress significantly varies from the expected completion date, parents will be notified.

• As these programs are self‐paced, students may finish the course earlier than expected.

• If the course is not completed in the allotted number of days, the student will earn a failing grade.  Extensions will not be granted for any reason. 



All final exams and assessments will be taken online.



The course list includes the core and elective courses.



Students will need their district-provided laptop. If you are in need of a laptop, contact program coordinator Kristin Sliwinski (

Students will be expected to fill out a laptop agreement form when checking out a laptop for summer use.



Credit Recovery classes are free for Lake Orion High School students in need of credits. For out-of-district students, the cost is $300 per course/class per summer session (0.5 credit hours per summer session). Please contact the Summer School Coordinator if you have questions regarding payment or if you are in need of financial assistance (Kristin Sliwinski,  

Please pay online:

Credit Forward/Credit Recovery Session



• The cut off for enrollment is June 17, 2022.  There will be one high school summer school session: June 20-August 15, 2022.

• All classes must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on August 15, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS!

• Students are not officially enrolled in requested class until payment is received, if payment is required.

• Students engaging in behavior prohibited by the LOHS student handbook and LOCS district policies will be dropped. NO REFUND will be provided.

• Students can enroll in a MAXIMUM of two courses per summer session.



Program Coordinator Kristin Sliwinski ( can be reached via email.