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Tuck in Tuesdays

Summer Reading: Leveled Book Lists for Webber Families

Book List: Levels E-Q

Book List: Levels R-Z

The Tuck-in Tuesdays reading program kicked off in March with the Webber Elementary staff, each taking a Tuesday night and reading a bedtime story from their home for the Webber community.

The videos were posted at 7 p.m. each week on the Webber Elementary Facebook page during the school year.

They are also posted below so families can return to them throughout the summer to get another story shared by the Webber staff. Enjoy!

Tuck In Tuesdays

Staff Reading

9/10/19: Mrs. Goethals (Principal) -- "Ada Twist, Scientist"

9/3/19: Mrs. Mucci (4th) -- "The Little Engine that Could"

8/20/19: Mrs. Boeneman (LSS) -- "Tuesday"

8/13/19: Mrs. Murtaugh (5th) -- "Tacky the Penguin"

8/6/19: Ms. Peruski (4th) -- "The Adventures of Onyx"

7/30/19: Mrs. Herron (FSC) -- "Great, Now We've Got Barbarians!"

7/23/19: Ms. Olsen (Media Specialist) -- "The Great Fuzz Frenzy"

7/16/19: Mrs. Pearson (DK) -- "Should I Share My Ice Cream?"

7/9/19: Mrs. Murtaugh (5th) -- "A Porcupine Named Fluffy"

7/2/19: Ms. Rau (1st) -- "Waiting is Not Easy"

6/11/19: Mrs. Lucia (2nd) -- "That Cat Can't Stay"

6/4/19: Ms. Olsen (Media Specialist) -- "Rot, the Cutest in the World!"

5/28/19: Mrs. Soule (3rd) & Mrs. Boenenam (LSS) -- "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You"

5/21/19: Mrs. Pulliam (5th) -- "Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery"

5/14/19: Mrs. Flaviani (3rd) & Ms. D'Ambrosio -- "Interrupting Chicken"

5/7/19: Ms. Pearson (DK) -- "I'll Wait, Mr. Panda"

4/30/19: Ms. Dittrich (P.E.) -- "Skippy Jon Jones"

4/23/19: Ms. Murtaugh (5th) -- "The Teacher From the Black Lagoon"

4/16/19: Ms. Rau (1st) -- "Easter Bunny's Assistant"

4/9/19: Ms. Garrett (2nd) -- "If you ever want to bring an alligator to school, DON'T"

3/26/19: Ms. Herron (FSC) -- "Yertle the Turtle"

3/19/19: Ms. Murtaugh (5th) -- "More Parts"

3/12/19: Ms. Goethals (Principal) -- "Captain LaPlank"

3/5/19: Ms. Miller (Art) -- "Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast"